Technique Tuesday: Strengthen your Jerk Positions

This training cycle we are focusing on improving your jerk technique and positions…we will be using a number of different techniques and exercises to help us along the way. One of them is the Press in Split.

This is a great exercise to strengthen your body in the split position and to allow your body to spend time in and remember the positions in which it needs to catch a split jerk.

To perform the Press in Split, step into your split position with the bar in the Front Rack. Hold this position while you press the bar overhead and hold. Nothing moves except your head and the bar. Reset to the shoulders and perform the rest of your set. On the final rep of your set, recover from your split like you normally would (front foot, then back foot) with the bar overhead.

**keep your back knee bent with heel turned out
**don’t let your bodyweight shift forward while you press overhead
**use as a warmup before you CJ, Jerk, etc
**Perform 3-6 sets of 1-6 reps (spend most of your time around the 4 rep range)
**Use a weight you can keep good positions with…typically 40% or less

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