Technique Tuesday: Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is a common issue we deal with among our members. The causes can range from alignment corrections, poor positioning while typing or writing, overuse and more.

When dealing with wrist pain, it is important to assess more proximal to the trunk and be sure that the neck, scapula, shoulder, elbow, etc are not the cause of your wrist pain. Compression or tightness in those areas can lead to wrist pain.

The wrist is full of small bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, etc making it difficult to pinpoint the true cause without a professionals help. The major players in regards to this stretch are the 2 collateral ligaments, which run on the side of your wrist (pinky and thumb side) and connect to the forearm. You also have the flexor tendons, which are on the palm side, and the extensor tendons on the back side.

Try this right now, this is one of our favorite manual techniques for loosing up the tissue surrounding the wrist.

Use this before you workout or even before you begin typing, etc and anytime you are experiencing symptoms.

If you missed last week’s tips on taking care of your forearms, check this out. The forearm has a direct affect on wrist pain and health.

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