Crossfit Gwinnett

Each potential client will be individually evaluated in a 60-90 minute FREE assessment. This helps you get to know us and us get to know you. We will look at your movement patterns, strengths, weaknesses and listen to your goals. Before entering classes, it is imperative that all clients and coaches feel comfortable and confident with the movements we do here at Crossfit Gwinnett.

After your assessment, you will enter into our School Of Fitness which will prepare you for the rigors of our group classes. This School is a series of private sessions with one of our coaches during which you will learn proper technique, movement patterns, intensity, scaling, how to care for your body and how to eat properly! Our mission in the SOF is to ensure your safety and long term success in our group classes while educating you the correct way to perform complex and technical movements.

After completing the School of Fitness, you won’t be left to fend for yourself and find your way. You’re Coach for Life will be with you and guide you through your entire journey here at CFG. They will know the ins and outs of your fitness journey and goals and are here to make sure that you make incremental and significant steps towards reaching your goals and that your program evolves as your needs change. Our Coach for Life Program will be the key to your long term success!

We maintain our standard of excellence with coaches who have had hundreds of hours of training just to be able to teach one class. Our coaches are the pulse of our gym and the success of the gym is centered around their development.

We are conveniently located right off of 985 at the Friendship Road exit (exit 8). Just one exit north of the Mall of Georgia!

Plain and simple, we don’t allow our clients to do things they shouldn’t be doing. We train and educate our athletes and we refuse to let them risk injury because they saw something on YouTube “that looks intense”. That’s not us and it never will be. If you want to get “Turnt Up” and go “Beastmode” every day, try another gym. Please.

We offer one of the most comprehensive class schedules and Open Gym Schedules around! Regardless of your goals and schedules, we have something that will work for you!

Regardless of your goals, we are here to help you and will assist you in finding the best track for you! Whether that is our group classes, weightlifting classes or personal training, we have you covered!

We have been around since 2005 and things have never been better for our community! Many gyms have come and gone in our tenure and we are blessed and honored that our family continues to grow and that our members continue to improve!

We are here to make you better. We don’t allow toxicity and and a bad attitude to enter and remain in our gym. While you are here you will be treated with respect, encouragement and joy by our staff and by the other athletes. YOUR success is how we measure OUR success.

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