Fitness should be fun, and ever-evolving, and it should serve the life that you want to live. Our prescription for a great life is:

  • Keep your body fit and healthy — come see us at least 3 times a week and meet with your Coach for Life regularly.
  • Feed your body well with the food that nature intended.
  • Go out and play in nature once a week.
  • Learn a new sport and have an adventure every year.

When it comes to the fitness piece, one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we offer a different type of program to meet your needs.  Having a supportive coach and community around you is what sets our gym apart from the rest, and that’s an experience you’ll have here so that you stay motivated to live out your great life. Training at Peak Strength and Fitness is one of the best ways find your fitness outlet. You won’t believe the results you can achieve while having so much fun!

Our Fundamentals program is a one-on-one education and instruction course designed for anyone new to Crossfit and Strength Training. Your Coach for Life will guide you through learning proper techniques and mechanics while getting your body prepared to join our group classes. You will work with your Coach for Life to set goals, talk nutrition, and design a roadmap to your next steps and success at Peak Strength and Fitness.

After your Fundamentals, you can  get the best of group and one-on-one training at Peak Strength and Fitness. With our unique Hybrid program everyone gets access to both group classes and personal training. Your relationship with your Coach will be your best tool and asset toward reaching your fitness goals, whether aesthetic or performance-based, or both.

Our Fitness classes were designed for people who want to achieve a lean, healthy, strong body. Simple, functional movements, done in fun, new ways, help you make progress and have a blast at the same time.

Personal Training at Peak Strength and Fitness isn’t just some new trainer counting your reps and walking you to the next machine. Your dedicated Coach for Life knows the ins and outs of your life, fitness journey and goals and is able to design your individual program to ensure every goal is met safely and efficiently.

Our Weightlifting specific classes will help our athletes achieve more in CrossFit and Weightlifting by becoming complete athletes in the most technically advanced lifts we teach. The snatch and clean and jerk are fundamental necessities in CrossFit and are a sport all on their own!

Through our Peak Athletics program, we work with Youth Athletes all the way through the Pro’s to improve their performance across the board in any sport. Each athlete begins with an assessment that gives us all the necessary information to design a personalized, effective and age/sport appropriate program.

Nutrition is the cornerstone to your success and maximizing your results to meet your goals. Our Nutrition Coaching is one on one with our Nutrition Expert and is designed to make this difficult part of fitness and health, simple and flexibile. You will work together to design a nutritional profile for you as an individual, and teach you hw to make your body and food work together as you make lifestyle changes and modify behaviors.

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