We offer ongoing Weightlifting Classes available to Peak members, who want to hone their skills, as well as athletes looking solely to train for the sport of Weightlifting. The team is headed by National Champions and World Team Members, Kelly and Caleb Williams.
Can’t be here in person? Join our Online Weightlifting Team of athletes from around the country! Kelly and Caleb design programming to be completed in your gym, coach you through video analysis and more, are at major competitions to coach you in person, benefit from being a part of the Williams Weightlifting Team and Family!
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Williams Weightlifting seminars offers and at length, in-depth look into the snatch and clean and jerk. Over the course of the seminar, attendees will learn the necessary foundational elements of the lifts and further put those elements to practice. The goal of the seminar is to teach those in attendance the basic positions in order to complete the snatch and clean and jerk with efficiency and power. Furthermore, the seminar staff will cover lecture topics surrounding body mechanics, bar track efficiency, and overall programming advice. Seminar staff Caleb Williams and Kelly Rexroad Williams bring over 50 years of weightlifting training, competing and coaching to you.
To Host a Seminar or attend one in your area, email williamsweightlifting@gmail.com

Do you need help improving your weightlifting technique? We are here for you! In addition to our Weightlifting Team, we offer one on one sessions focused on improving your technique, addressing weaknesses and helping you unlock your potential. If this is you, just fill out the contact form and we will be in touch shortly to schedule your time with us.

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